Art, by a great many definitions not excluding my own, is not concerned with feasibility and financial potential as much as it is concerned with intellectual and societal accomplishment. My primary goal with my artistic output is to collaborate with as many artists, directors, choreographers, and other musicians as possible, and use my personal work as a testing grounds for skills and concepts I want to develop for future opportunities. I have put several of my compositions on this site under the 'public scores' tab: Feel free to download and perform any of them that you'd like. Just remember to send me an email if you make a decent recording of it.


Multimedia installation by Matt Starr. I recorded and implemented audio.

The installation is a Zorb ball anchored and floating in a kiddie pool, surrounded by curtains so that nobody may see inside until it is their turn to enter. Viewers wait in line to enter the ball, one at a time, for a fixed three minute experience in which the ball was projected on from two opposing sides. Audio for the installation was delivered to the viewer though a pair of RF wireless headphones and a subwoofer. The reasons for this combination are many:

  • The plastic ball created an acoustic space for the viewer that would sound unnatural no matter the quality or placement of speakers in the installation. We found that headphones would be more immersive for the viewer.
  • The subwoofer was very loud so that it may be heard and felt outside of the headphones as an ambient, low drone during specific moments in the piece.
  • A large part of the piece is the anticipation and the curiosity experienced prior to stepping into the piece itself. From the outside, the installation is a corner of the gallery surrounded by tall black curtains, with flashing light from the projector visible through small cracks. The subwoofer's low rumblings added to this mystique.
Click here to play some of the unedited audio tracks

From April 19th to May 4th, 2013, Matt Starr and I performed a series of shows in which he would project various animations and clips that he transformed live via a MIDI controller.

During this, I performed 24 short pieces in which I triggered a bunch of tiny samples that I had cut from other recordings via a Maschine MK2. It was a great deal of fun. We are grateful that this Starbucks let us use their power.


On April 17th and April 18th, I performed the music above on the Maschine MK2 for a dance piece choreographed by Michelle Meltzer (the choreography was aptly titled 'Beatz').

For this I sampled Hugo Chavez and Última Batacuda by Sergio Mendes, along with my own voice and some guitar.

The Cacophonic Blog

The Cacophonic is a music/media criticism blog that I update every so often.

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RECITAL MARCH 24th, 2013

This was a recital that I performed on March 24th. Here's the program for it.


Here are a few scores of pieces I've written. Feel free to download them.